New Technology Solution Consultation and Request

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  • Any employee of Metropolitan State University may request a consultation to discuss a need for any new technology Solution.
  • A Technology solution can include, but is not limited to the following: hardware ,software ,cloud hosted web services and tools and solutions to support teaching and learning. 
  • All technology related contracts must be reviewed and approved by Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET). 
  • All Minnesota State legal and contract requirements must be followed and IET will assist with the vetting and negotiation between the vendor and System Office Legal for any changes in terms and conditions.  
  • Information Security requirements must be reviewed and approved to protect Metropolitan State data and privacy.
  • Submit IET contract review requests early to allow ample time for the review process to take place.   

Please note that the legal review of contracts by the Office of the General Counsel may take several weeksIf there are legal or insurance requirements, the negotiation could take longer depending on the complexity of the contract and the responsiveness of the vendor. 


  • As part of the state system, Metropolitan State University is subject to certain legal requirements and restrictions that affect its ability to accept certain contract terms. Therefore, the review and execution of all university agreements must follow the appropriate university, Minnesota State, legal and purchasing requirements and procedures. 
  • A contract is any document that legally binds the university to another party. Contracts can take many forms, including affiliation agreements, memorandum of understanding (MOUs), terms and conditions (T&C’s), letters of agreement, online click-through agreements and a variety of other labels. Not all contracts involve the payment of money. 
  • All contracts that bind the university to terms and conditions must go through the Contract Review Process. All technology related contracts or contracts with technology components must go through IET contract review.  
  • All Contracts are open for negotiation until the Contract receives final approval from the General Counsel. In addition, other authorizations may be required based on the contract criteria.  


  • Ensure the legal and information security requirements for all IT contracts are met and attain sign off by IET Services which is required for purchasing purposes.   
  • If the technology contract involves implementation of new hardware or software, an upgrade or renewal, IET will have the opportunity to proactively plan accordingly and assign project request resources as necessary to allow for successful implementation or upgrades following Minnesota State requirements.


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