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Services or Offerings?
Reserve an event space on the Saint Paul Campus to host a non-Metropolitan State University affiliated event.

Request an upcoming event to be posted to the Events calendar on the university website.

Departments and internal Metropolitan State University organizations can request to reserve space for an event.

Reserve equipment for events in the Great Hall, Founders Hall Auditorium, Founders Hall Reception Area or Ecolab.

Request to reserve a space for an event hosted jointly by an internal department/organization and an external party.

Request in person event or meeting including 25 or more participants, when virtual is not an option, prior approval is required to ensure proper health and safety guidelines and accommodations can be met.

Request a news or media release on campus-related news-worthy events be developed and distributed.

Request an upcoming event, conference, etc. be promoted with the Digital Display System.

Request a photographer photograph an event, department head shots, etc.

Request paper for an on campus printer to be delivered.

Request patching and painting of an office space on the Saint Paul or Midway campus.

Submit a request for a space on campus to be cleaned.

Request access to a space on campus that requires key entry.

Request a guest log-in be created for a seminar, training or other event with non Metropolitan State University faculty, staff or student presenters or attendees requiring credentials to use on campus technology.

Request a light source be removed or installed to a space on one of the Metropolitan State University campuses.