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Services or Offerings?
Ability for Department Deans to submit request to change building hours.

Ability to report a non-emergency repair request for Building Services or ask a question to Campus Operation, no Metrostate login (starid and password) required.

Includes ability to report an Non Emergency Repair Request because something is broken that does not require immediate attention.

NOTE: Do not use this site to submit emergency requests, please dial (651) 793-1700

Request ID card access to spaces that use an electronic door locks, access to parking ramp and other student-related services.

Request a new shared drive folder, access to an existing shared drive folder, or removal of access to an existing shared drive folder.

Request Qualtrics access for employees, students and student workers.

Metro State employees with supervisor approval can request remote access to a virtual private network (VPN).

Request eLumen access or role set up in eLumen learning assessment tool.

Convert Word document content to HTML file type, built in an accessible manner.

Request access to a space on campus that requires key entry.

Request IT Services to move and setup computers, printers, peripherals, phone, and other technology equipment to another location.

Request paper for an on campus printer to be delivered.

Request an in-person demonstration or training on the technology in any of our rooms.

Request an upcoming event, conference, etc. be promoted with the Digital Display System.