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Email lists are also referred to as a Listserv, a group list, mailing list, or distribution list. Request an Email list be made for your convenience.

Departments and internal Metropolitan State University organizations can request to reserve space for an event.

Create a blank course site in D2L Brightspace for development, training or organizations.

Request to reserve a space for an event hosted jointly by an internal department/organization and an external party.

A shared mailbox allows a group of people to share a single Metropolitan State University email account.

Request an article to be shared or written and posted to News@Metro on the university website.

Reserve an event space on the Saint Paul Campus to host a non-Metropolitan State University affiliated event.

Request an upcoming event to be posted to the Events calendar on the university website.

Request a news or media release on campus-related news-worthy events be developed and distributed.

Report technology related information security incidents for our Information Security team to review.

Request a photographer photograph an event, department head shots, etc.

Requests for data\reports to support our re-accreditation efforts.

Request to schedule a video or podcasting session in our Dayton’s Bluff recording studio.

Request a meeting space reservation on the Saint Paul, Midway, Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park campuses.
If your meeting will require a setup you will need to fill out an Internal Event Space Reservation Request.

Conference phones enable clear audio conferencing in larger rooms and unique spaces that require customized voice solutions.