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Services or Offerings?
Request state-owned office furniture and/or filing cabinets be moved.

Request IT Services to move and setup computers, printers, peripherals, phone, and other technology equipment to another location.

Request patching and painting of an office space on the Saint Paul or Midway campus.

Request approval to install pictures or shelves in a staff office.

Request IT research and evaluation of technology solutions, including assistance with review of new or renewal contracts, legal and information security reviews, and procurement submission assistance.

Request trash or recycling removal from a waste or recycling bin located on one of the Metro State campuses.

If a university space is too hot or too cold, request a temperature adjustment.

Request data on age, ethnicity, full or part time students, and more.

Allows content to be copied from one semester to another or from one course-shell to another.

Request paper for an on campus printer to be delivered.

Request a change to information on Metropolitan State University's public website.

Request a news or media release on campus-related news-worthy events be developed and distributed.

Submit a request for a space on campus to be cleaned.

IT Services will retrieve asset and university owned equipment upon request.

Request information on a specific program major and minor.