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  • How do I set up a conference bridge for multiple people to call in from their individual phones for a meeting?

Every campus phone line has its own conferencing bridge that allows 12 attendees to call into a meeting. You can use any phone (including cell phones) to connect to the Conference Now service and access or host your meeting.


To host a meeting:

Cisco Unified Communications Self-Care Portal Login

  • Go to the General Settings tab of the Self Care Portal.

  • Under the Conference Now section, enter Attendees Access Code and select Save (the Access Code must be between 3 and 10 digits long, can only contain numbers, it cannot contain spaces, letters, or special characters).

Prior to your meeting, as the meeting host, you will need to provide your meeting attendees with:

  • The Attendee Meeting Number (the meeting host's 4-digit phone extension number).
  • Conference Now Phone number and instructions to join Conference Bridge

Included in the bottom section, Instructions for Meeting Attendees, is a draft of instructions you can include in your Email or your meeting appointment to attendees (fill in the blank with your meeting info).

Meeting Host:

If you are the Meeting Host, call the Conference Now phone number at 651-793-1204 from off campus or from on campus dial x1204.  Enter the meeting number(your 4 digit extension) and then enter your personal voicemail PIN followed by # (pound) prior to meeting start time. Once you do that, you can speak with the attendees who connect to your meeting.

Things to Remember:

  • When you connect as a host, there is not a voice prompt when starting the meeting.
  • You will hear a tone when attendees join the meeting.
  • If attendees connect to the meeting, prior to the meeting start by the host, the attendees will hear on hold music until the meeting begins.
  • If the meeting host does not connect within 15 minutes, attendees will be dropped.

Below: Drafted Instructions for Meeting Attendees to join Conference Bridge

Meeting Attendee Instructions to join Meeting

To join this meeting you will need to know the meeting number and Conference Now phone number.

The meeting number is:  (INSERT MEETING NUMBER HERE)

Call the Conference Now phone number at 651-793-1204 if you are connecting off-campus or from a cell phone or call x1204 from an on-campus phone. You will hear, "Welcome, to join a conference now, please enter a meeting number followed by # (pound)".  The meeting number you should enter is the four digit extension of the meeting host. You will then hear, "If you are the meeting host please enter your pin, otherwise press # (pound) to continue." As a meeting attendee press # (pound) to continue.

  • Should meeting attendees connect to the meeting prior to the meeting start, by the host, you will hear on hold music until the meeting begins.
  • If the meeting host does not connect within 15 minutes, attendees will be dropped.


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