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Attention academic advisors and faculty: 

College-level calendars are in the process of being configured for academic advisors and eventually faculty office hours.  More information to come during fall semester 2022 from your dean or college calendar site admin team. 

A Bookings training manual (includes videos) specific to advisors and faculty is available on in the Academic Advising group under Advising Systems-Technology. Drop-in overview sessions are being held in September through November. Contact your college's Bookings site admin team for more information on the roll-out or the sessions.

CCSPA - Kate Southwick

CIS - Mary Williams, Charles Tedder, Britney Iacono

CLA - Mao Xiong, Jerry Pratt

CNHS - Mai Vang, Sandi Gerick, Sheila Anderson, Lynn Iverson-Eyestone

COM - Angela Bowlus

COS - Shan Sharif (this calendar already in use)

SLC - Cynthia Olson

UED - Paul Spies

Those readers that are not academic advisors or faculty, please continue reading below.


Get started with Bookings

Accessing Bookings

  • The Bookings web app ( is best for initial calendar set-up and working with settings or features.  Bookmark it within your web browser.

  • The Bookings app in Teams has more limited functionality, suited for managing appointments, but not changing settings.  If you do not see Bookings on your Teams menu, from Teams, search for it in Apps and pin it to your Teams menu.

  • Once you are in the Bookings web app, on the top header, toggle to the left to Try the new Bookings.  

Setting up a Bookings Calendar

Informal video providing: Overview of primary set up menus within Bookings

  • Please create Bookings calendars carefully; Although you may rename and edit your calendar name, deletion of a calendar cannot be done locally by Metro State ITS.  In addition, each new Bookings calendar creates a corresponding mailbox in Exchange, and a related entry in Azure Active Directory (AAD), which for individuals, may result in them being displayed more than once in the address book and cause some confusion.  While you can edit your calendar name later in Settings, that will only update the display name in your booking calendar and in emails to attendees; the email address will not be updated.
  • From the drop down in the upper left, select + Create new calendar
  • This will initiate a set up wizard.  You may choose to set up some of the basics through the wizard or do minimal set up in the wizard and then add details through the main menu. 
  • Many options exist within Bookings and Bookings frequently makes updates to its user interface.  The below highlights recommendations within the key settings.  Terminology may vary slightly.

Business information
Basic details

  • Business name: Please use a prefix of METRO- on your calendar name, for example: METRO-Admissions, or METRO-Terry Smith, Academic Advisor
  • Business Type: Education
  • Send customer replies to: The address entered will receive Bookings notifications for this calendar if you opt in for notifications

Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions
Privacy policy: Policy 1040: FERPA

Business Logo

  • Upload your Metro State faculty/staff profile photo – or - New Metro State logo (refer to attachment for logo located to the right on this page)
  • MSU_Centered_color.png
  • Background color = white

Business hours
Enter the times at which faculty and staff associated to this calendar are generally working.  Office/appointment hours for each faculty/staff or service will be set up elsewhere in the Settings.

Booking page
Configure booking page
Available to anyone
Once your booking page is fully set up, you will share the URL found under Your booking page (add to your email signature).  NOTE:  Colleges will be using service booking pages insetad of calendar booking page

Manage your booking page

  • 1)  (check box) Disable direct search engine indexing of booking page
  • 2)  (uncheck box) Required a one-time password to create bookings
  • 3)  (uncheck box) Show a personal data collection and usage consent toggle along with a message on my booking page
  • 4)  If uncertain of your default scheduling policy, try 15 minute increments, 24 hour minimum and 30 day maximum lead times.
  • 5)  (check box) - Student receives a meeting invitation (.ics file) as part of the Bookings confirmation – allows student to easily add the appointment to their calendar
  • 6)   Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking)
    • check box if you want to show a list of department staff and the student may select from the calendar bookings page
    • do not check box if you want Bookings to pick any staff member that is available at the student's preferred date/time.
    • Note: If you will be providing students with your service booking page (instead of calendar booking page), this box does not need to be checked.
  • 7)  Set custom color for your booking page to align with brand
    • Highlight color #18344F (dark blue)
    • Header color #FFFFFF (white)
    • (Check box) Display the new Metro State logo (that you uploaded in Business information)

No initial set-up needed.  If desired, you may add frequent contacts that you expect may book with you.
This section will populate once students and others start scheduling Booking appointments with you.

+Add new staff as needed to specify who is scheduled via this calendar and/or has another role (administrators, scheduler, etc.).  For group calendars, at least 2 administrators on a group calendar
Settings within each staff:

  • (Check ) Events on Office calendar affect availability -- This critical setting ensures that Bookings does not schedule over other meetings already on their Outlook/Office calendar.  Leave it unchecked only if Bookings appointments should supersede all other Outlook calendar entries.
  • If support staff are serving in a role as administrator, scheduler or viewer, but should not be bookable, toggle off ‘use business hours’ and edit availability as needed.

Services (appointment types)
+ Add new service to specify the different types of appointments that you/your group calendar offers (duration, location, etc.).

If you are following the Display group calendar as individual model, this is where you will set up one service for each staff, Assign each staff to their service, and then utilize the ‘Service booking page’ instead of the calendar level Booking page.

Simplicity in service set-up may be to your advantage, especially if off/on campus schedule varies.  Varying appointment type availability would need to be managed through Staff availability and Service availability options.  Consider if it could be helpful to provide a virtual meeting link (Teams or Zoom) for every appointment type.

If you are following the Display group calendar as individual model (Deans have decided to use this model in the colleges for academic advisors and faculty office hours), this is where your calendar site admin will set up one service for each staff, and assign each staff to their service, and then utilize the ‘Service booking page’ instead of the calendar level Booking page.

Virtual appointments

  • You may easily add a Teams meeting link to any appointment by using the add online meeting toggle.
  • Personal Zoom room
    • Do not recommend in scenarios where there are multiple staff that provide each service.  Zoom room is best for individual calendar or group calendar displaying as individual.
      • URL can be added to Location field within the service.
      • Recommend enabling the waiting room feature within your personal Zoom room, to avoid unexpected drop-ins. 

Custom fields
Customer information – specify which information you wish to be provided at the time of booking.
Custom fields – add custom questions/fields that you would like the

Reminders and notifications
(Check box) Enable text message notifications for your customer
If enabled, once the student provides a phone number, will be prompted with the option to opt into text notifications about the appointment. Consider if you also wish to make phone number a required field for this reason.

Publish and share your Bookings link
Congratulations - your Booking page is configured!  It’s time to make your Booking page available.

Ensure your Booking page is available
Under Settings > Booking page, set Configure booking page to Available to anyone and save.
Your booking page URL will be displayed. (The button next to it is a copy button.) Advisors/faculty in the colleges - see NOTE. below

NOTE: If you have opted to use the Group calendar displayed as individual model (COS/advising model), you will instead select the service assigned to you and copy/share the Service booking page

Ways to share your booking page URL

Tips for managing your Bookings calendar
Once your calendar is set up and functioning, it is important to remember to:

  • reschedule or decline Bookings appointments within Bookings in order for the student to be notified of the change.  If you decline or reschedule in Outlook, the student will not be notified.
  • maintain your availability through a combination of:
    • Outlook appointments - scheduling time as Tentative, Busy or Out of Office will show you as unavailable for Bookings.
    • continue to adjust settings as needed, as you gain experience with Bookings and identify further needs.

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