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  • The purpose of the Attendance Verification and Non-Attendance Reporting is to ensure Federal Title IV regulations are adhered to with respect to a student's enrollment level for the purpose of calculating and paying financial aid.
  • The non-attendance report process is intended for faculty to complete within the first 2 weeks of the semester - by verifying active engagement of students in your course.
  • Students reported as not being active within the first 2 weeks of the semester will be administratively dropped without tuition penalty; this includes students receiving financial aid - no funds will be disbursed.
  • The non-attendance report must be completed for ALL courses. 
  • Instructors access Non-Attendance reporting from my.metro.
  • Non-attendance application update, starting summer 2021, will no longer display withdrawn students.

Instruction Steps:

Course Types

Classroom Courses

  • 1) Use your class roster to report who is present or absent from your course the first 2 weeks.
  • 2) Students, with extenuating circumstances may be allowed exception, however, must attend at least 1 class session.
  • 3) Complete "Non-attendance" report available from my.metro.

Web-enhanced (reduced seat time) or Online Courses

  • 1) Assign students an academically relevant assignment within the first 2 weeks. Examples: post a message to the discussion board, drop a file to the dropbox, complete a short quiz on syllabus, or send a private email relevant to the course.
  • 2) Use your class roster to report who is present or absent from your course the first 2 weeks.
  • 3) Compare your class roster to your D2L class list.
  • 4) Complete "Non-attendance" report available from my.metrostate.

Non-attendance Report Submission

Note: Even if you are not submitting anyone for non-attendance - you still need to submit this report.

  • 1)  Day 1 - Save a copy of your course roster.
  • 2)  Day 14 - Complete the non-attendance report; required for ALL course types as close to day 14 of the semester.
  • 3)  Browse to: my.metro. Use login and password.
  • 4)  Once logged in you will be presented with the Employee Dashboard.
    • 1)  Under Apps and Courses located in the left navigation
    • 2)  Select My Courses
    • 3)  Click on the tab for the applicable semester-year
    • 4)  Click the Non-Attendance link from the applicable course

  • 5) In the left column, under, "This report is for...", review the report details for accuracy to ensure your selection is as you intended.
    • Under Create report, select one of the two options:
    • No, there are no students to drop down from your course for non-attendance.
    • Yes, there are students to drop from your course for non-attendance
      • For Yes selection, click the check box next to each student this applies to:
  • 6) Click on one of the two button selections:
    • Select a difference course No changes will be saved to this report (will start report over)
    • Review and submit this report
  • 7) Review and submit this report, will present a report summary for review. Click on one of the two button selections:
    • Submit this report
    • Start this report again
  • 8) Upon submission you will be presented with a confirmation page that your report has been submitted. You can now opt to Return to My.Metro home or Submit another non-attendance report.

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