Student Email Utility Application

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Student Email Utility

  • The student email utility enables advisors to communicate with specific groups of students based on the filter criteria you select.


  • Step 1) Browse to and log in using your StarID username and password.
  • Step 2) From the left side navigation, under Apps and Courses, click on My Apps.

  • Step 3) Under Tools click the Student Email Utility (preview) button.

  • Step 4) The first time you use the new student email utility, you will need to click Continue to grant permission and then Accept to the permission popups.

  • Step 5) Select the filter options you would like. You must select at least one filter.

  • Step 6) Once you have selected the filters you would like, select Generate email List button at the bottom of the page.
    • You will then have the options to perform further search results within the search results and remove contacts from the list.
    • You can also sort by each column by selecting the arrow icon next to the column title.

  • Step 7) Select one of the three options to: Create draft Outlook email with list or Download as CSV or Copy list to clipboard.
  • Step 8) By selecting Create draft Outlook email with list,the message reflected below will be displayed at the top of the student email utility page; you can click on the link offered in the message to go to

  • Step 9) Once you have selected the draft email from your Outlook drafts folder you will see addressees listed in the email "Bcc" field. You can now complete and send your email.
  • Note: To allow someone else to send email from the Student Email Utility on your behalf, Outlook Delegate Access must be set up.
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