Virtual Computer Lab: Saving Files

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How To


  • Where do I save files in Metro's Virtual Computer Lab?


  • Reflected below are instructions on:
    • How to save to OneDrive
    • How to save to H:\ Drive
    • How to save to local computer

Note: It's very important while you're working in Metro's Virtual Computer Lab to save your files to either OneDrive, your H:\ Drive, or to your local computer. Any files you haven't saved outside of the Virtual Lab will be lost when you log out of the Virtual Lab.

How to save to OneDrive

Note: IT Services recommends using the online version of OneDrive in the Virtual Lab environment for a better user experience.



  • You can upload newly saved files and download existing files to your Virtual Desktop for editing.

How to save to H:\ Drive


  • Log in to the Virtual Lab at
  • Start any of the provided applications in the Virtual Lab.
  • When you are finished working on your document just save it to your H:\ Drive