Knowledge Base Article Review Process


Knowledge base articles created in TeamDynamix should be reviewed every 6 months to a maximum of one year from the current date of your review.  This article identifies the process for identifying articles ready for review, steps to evaluate and review the content and settings, roles and responsibilities and how to track time spent maintaining knowledge base articles.

Role Description Primary Responsibilities
Article Owner

The individual who manages a Knowledge Base article.

This is typically the Service Owner. 

SME (subject matter expert)

  • Monitor the dashboard monthly to identify articles that are ready for their next review.  (The Knowledge Base Article Review Process dashboard provides article owners with a report of all the articles they own, and a report of article review dates.)
  • Evaluate each article determine if it is still relevant in our current environment. 
  • Review article according to the steps below.  (The service owner may designate another team member to do the review.)
  • Edit the article. Set the next review date, 6 months out.  A longer review period, at a maximum, to one year out can be set if the content is anticipated to change less frequently. e.g. Support Operations locations and office hours. Contact the Service Management Team or your Director if you are unsure or have additional questions.
  • Create a ticket to track your time spent doing article reviews.
Service Management Team Member or designated Service Desk The individual with overall administrative responsibility for the Knowledge Base. 
  • Create and maintain reports for Knowledge Base Article Review Process and dashboards.
  • Email monthly report to all Supervisors/Directors. NOTE: (this can also be scheduled per request.)
  • Review recently modified articles to ensure adherence to the standards.  
Director The Supervisor or Director to whom the Service Owner/Article Owner reports.
  • Review report of articles to be reviewed monthly.
  • Communicate in staff meetings about what needs to be done and set expectations.
  • Establish whether or not they have the time to do the work and ensure staff plan time to do the work. 
  • Follow through and ensure accountability for knowledge base article updates.


Review Steps

  1. Review the articles on the Knowledge Base Article Review Process dashboard to identify articles ready to be reviewed.
  2. Determine if the article is still relevant in our current environment. 
    • If not, notify the Service Management Team to archive the article (if permissions do not allow).
    • Consider writing a new article about the topic that is relevant to our current environment.
  3. Content- Review the content and consider:
    • Does the subject adhere to the standards?
    • Is it written in the customer's voice?
    • Is the information in the body accurate?
    • Are there links to other sources of information?  If so is the information in the links accurate? 
  4. Settings- Review the settings of the article compared to the standards for the article type   
  5. Related Articles- add or remove related articles
  6. Files- Review attached files for accuracy
  7. Edit the article to make the needed changes and save.
  8. Create a ticket to track time spent maintaining knowledge article(s) and any internal notes as it relates to the work you have performed.

Note: Change the next review date to a maximum of one year from the current date of your review.


After reading this article, Article Owners, Staff and Directors should understand their role and responsibilities and the Knowledge Base article review process.  


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