Articles, videos and guides for training related to our service management application (service portal) TeamDynamix.

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Pinned Article TeamDymanix Training Guides

TeamDynamix printable handbooks, guides and technician training resources.

Pinned Article TeamDynamix Technician Training

This training is composed of a series of videos, each of which explain a key aspect of the technician experience in TeamDynamix.

Pinned Article Ticket Creation and Time Tracking

Instructions for technicians on how to create/edit ticket(s) in TDNext to document the amount of time spent on specific requests and incidents.

Knowledge Base Article Lifecycle

Learn about the lifespan of a Knowledge base article, beginning with Not Submitted, Draft and progressing through Archived.

Knowledge Base Article Review Process

Learn about the standards in writing Knowledge articles and the defined review process.

Protect Sensitive Data When Submitting Tickets

Best practices ensuring sensitive data is not transmitted within the ticketing system.

Service Review Process

Learn about the Service Review process and work involved to accurately document and define a Service.

Ticket Statuses in TeamDynamix

Review information on how to apply ticket statuses in TeamDynamix.

View and Update a Ticket Within the Client Portal

How to check the status of an existing ticket from our Client portal.

TeamDynamix Email Notifications

Step by Step instructions to set up new email rule to manage TeamDynamix Email Notifications.

My Approval Requests

When individuals are requesting services that require supervisor approval, the supervisor will automatically be notified and asked to approve the request in the client portal.

Ticket Time Tracking & Calculating Decimal Hours

Learn how to convert minutes into decimal hours, the unit of measurement in the Time and Expense application of TeamDynamix.

TeamDynamix (TDX) - Links to Release Notes

You will need to sign into TeamDynamix with a registered account to view release notes.