Non Emergency Plumbing Request


Note: if this an Emergency please dial (651) 793-1700

  • Report toilet that is constantly refilling or flushing at random times does not flush at all or may be clogged.

  • Dripping faucets and or showerhead 

  • Clogged or slow to drain sinks 

  • Faculty, staff, students and administrators can request this service.


  • High water bills are often caused by leaking toilets that waste large amounts of water on average toilets use 3.6 gallons per flush and urinals use1 gallon per flush.

  • If not reported and fixed right away the problem can get worse overtime and can cause serious water damage, other major plumbing problems and costly repairs.


Request Service


Service ID: 29318
Thu 7/26/18 11:32 AM
Tue 9/11/18 12:27 PM