Photography Archive Request


  • Metropolitan State University maintains an archive of high resolution digital images.

  • Images have been saved for use in university marketing and communications, and remain one of our most powerful storytelling tools.

  • Relevant to Metropolitan State University events, individuals, locations, and experiences; the archive includes images of past commencements, events, faculty and staff head shots, classroom images, and architectural images of campus and teaching locations. 

  • Request an archived image or series of images. 

  • Metropolitan State community are eligible to request this service. 


  • Metropolitan State University's archived images are the most effective and direct way to tell the university's stories. 

  • Perusing the selection of images through Media Valet's lightbox feature is quick and easy for users, helping them find the right image for their communication.

Additional Information

  • Marketing Communications reserves the right to fulfill requests at their discretion. 



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