News@Metro Request


  • News@Metro is a university news blog and e-mail newsletter. It is used to announce and highlight campus news of interest about the university.

  • Requests can include information to be published on the university news blog, website news page, e-mail newsletter and social media pages.

  • Submissions are reviewed and edited for clarity, brevity and style with the audience and medium in mind. 

  • Incomplete or unclear submissions may require more information and delay the ability to publish. 

  • Requests are evaluated and published on the most appropriate channel(s) based on the criteria of relevance, timeliness, interest and impact. 

  • Faculty, staff and student organizations are eligible to make this request.


  • Provides an opportunity to announce campaigns, events, etc.

  • Promotes aspects of the campus community

  • Highlights news of interest about the university and its departments as well as noteworthy faculty, staff and students. 


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