Name badges, business cards, and stationery


  • Request Metro State University branded name badges, business cards, stationery, and envelopes through our third party vendor.

  • Shop the online store of pre-approved stationery items.

  • Please note: In fiscal year 2024, the Marketing and Communications Department will pay for name badge orders and business cards (not stationery).
    • Individuals may order business cards and name badges to be used for work with external community members at in-person events or for recruitment.
    • The main "Catalog" page of the Online Print Center lists the Cost Center and PO number for business cards and name badges.
    • Please use PO# P0380258 and Cost Center #219500 for all name badges and business cards. Do not order with any stationery items.
    • Marketing will pay for one (1) name badge per employee.
  • Access the third party vendor's online order portal to place an order.


  • Ensures consistency of Metro State stationery

  • Ensures materials are printed and delivered in a timely manner


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