TeamDynamix Email Notifications

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  • How do I manage my TeamDynamix Email Notifications? 


Mail Rules

To keep all TeamDynamix Email Notifications in one folder and from cluttering your Inbox, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Create a Destination Folder for all your TeamDynamix Tickets.  (Ex. TeamDynamix)
  3. From the Home Tab, Select Rules, Manage Rules and Alerts

     4. Create a New Rule - ITS Notify

a. In the area called Step 1: Select a template highlight Move messages from someone to a folder

b. In the area called Step 2:  Edit the rule description (click and underlined value) select the words 'people or public group'

c. In the From field type then select OK

d. Click on the word ‘specified’ and choose the TeamDynamix Folder you created as the location for all your TeamDynamix System emails

e. Select Next, Next, Finish, Apply

f. Run the Rule to test it.    

Note:  All of your TeamDynamix Email Notifications you have in your inbox will move to this folder.


How to use Outlook rules to easily organize your inbox:




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