Create a Digital Signature and Sign Documents Electronically

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  • How do I create an electronic signature with a time stamp and sign documents electronically in Adobe Reader DC?


  • Step 1) Start by opening Acrobat Reader DC application.
  • Step 2) Browse to and open the document you would like to sign. Click on "More Tools" located to the right.

  • Step 3) click "Open" under the Certificates option

  • Step 4) At the top of your file, click "Digitally Sign".

  • Step 5) A pop-up will appear instructing you to click and drag to draw the area where you would like the signature to appear:
    • Click OK on the pop-up.
    • Click and drag an area on the document to sign.
  • Step 6) After the area is selected, a new window will pop-up. Do not select the option that is there by default - if used, it will display only your StarID, not your first and last name, instead select "Configure New Digital ID" and select "Continue".

  • Step 7) Select "Create a new Digital ID" and select "Continue".

  • Step 8) Select "Save to File" and select "Continue".

  • Step 9) In the "Name" field enter your first and last name (this will be part of your digital signature) and e-mail address and select "Continue".

  • Step 10) Browse to a location you would like to save the file and enter a password (you will enter this password each time you digitally sign a document); note: If you forget this password, you will have to create a new digital signature as there is no password recovery mechanism.
    • Your password must be at least 6 characters long.
    • After you select a password select "Save".

  • Step 11) You will be prompted to choose the Digital ID that you want to use for signing.
    • Select the digital ID you just created and select "Continue".
  • Step 12) You can now fill in your digital signature by selecting the first and last name signature you just created and select "Continue".

  • Step 13) A window will display your signature. Enter the password you created earlier and select "Sign".

  • Step 14) You will then be prompted you to save the document. Remember to rename the file if you would like to save a separate signed version of the document. Once saved, your document will officially be signed.

  • Troubleshooting tip: Remember to open Acrobat Reader DC application first (Step 1 of these instructions), if you would like to redo the area you selected for your signature or to sign a new document.
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