Ticket Creation and Time Tracking


The purpose of time tracking is to gain an understanding of where and how resources are allocated to these tickets (events). This article describes how users with Technician access can document their time spent by creating new tickets in TDNext or adding time to an existing ticket.

Steps to create a new ticket:

  1. Log into TDNext (User).
  2. Locate the ticketing application your Department/Campus uses at the top of the Toolbar. 
  3. Select  to access popular Forms that have been pinned for easy access.
  4. Scroll down to Service Request and select the Service Request Form. 
  5.  Select + Incident Form if you are creating a ticket and working on a issue where something is broken that needs to be fixed.


There are multiple ways to record the time you spent on a specific ticket or task (event):

From the General tab on the ticket you can scroll down to Actual Hours and click the number.  This will open the T&E tab on the ticket.

Within the T&E tab on the ticket you can select +Add Time, select the appropriate Time Type for the ticket, add time to the Hours box, select the date in the Time Date box, and add a Description of what you did.

From the TDNext Waffle Menu select Time & Expenses, tickets that you have already entered time on will show, you can add additional time here.  If you need to add time to a ticket that does not show, select +Time, select the Ticket tab and search for the ticket you wish to add time to, select the appropriate Time Type and add your time.

If you have an existing ticket that needs to have time added to it: select the T&E tab and click on Click to add time types.  Select +Add and select the time type that needs to be tracked for this ticket.  Then follow the instructions above to add time to the ticket.


Easy Reference Chart

To convert minutes into decimal hours, divide the amount of minutes by 60, for example if you worked on a ticket for 35 minutes the result is .58 decimal hours.

Minutes Decimal Hours
1 .02
2 .03
3 .05
4 .07
5 .08
6 .1
7 .12
8 .13
9 .15
10 .17
11 .18
12 .2
13 .22
14 .23
15 .25
16 .27
17 .28
18 .30
19 .32
20 .33
21 .35
22 .37
23 .38
24 .40
25 .42
26 .43
27 .45
28 .47
29 .48
30 .50
35 .58
40 .67
45 .75
55 .92
60 1
90 1.5


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