Create a Digital Signature and Sign Documents Electronically

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  • How do I create an electronic signature with a time stamp and sign documents electronically in Adobe Reader DC?


  • Step 1) Start by opening Acrobat Reader DC application.
  • Step 2) Browse to and open the document you would like to sign. Click on "More Tools" located to the right.

  • Step 3) click "Open" under the Certificates option

  • Step 4) Next, click "Digitally Sign"

  • Step 5) Click and drag an area on the document to sign. The time stamp will appear to the right of your signature (once you have completed all the steps outlined in these instructions) as pictured here:

  • Step 6) After the area is selected, a new window will pop-up. Do not select the option that is there by default - if used, it will display only your StarID, not your first and last name, instead select "Configure New Digital ID" and select "Continue".

  • Step 7) Select "Create a new Digital ID".

  • Step 8) Select "Save to File".

  • Step 9) Enter your first and last name (this will be part of your digital signature) and e-mail address.

  • Step 10) Browse to a location you would like to save the file and enter a password (you will enter this password each time you digitally sign a document). Note: If you forget this password, you will have to create a new digital signature as theere is no password recovery mechanism.

  • Step 11) You can now fill in your digital signature by selecting the first and last name signature you just created and select "Continue".

  • Step 12) A window will display your signature. Enter the password you created earlier then select "Sign".

  • Step 13) If you haven't already, the document will prompt you to save the document. Remember to rename the file if you would like to save a seperate signed version of the document. Once saved, your document will officially be signed
  • Tip: Remember to open Acrobat Reader DC application first (Step 1 of these instructions), if you would like to redo the area you selected for your signature or to sign a new document.


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