Digital Display Dos and Don'ts

General Information


  • What kinds of messages are best for use on the digital display system? 


While the digital display system screens are a potentially eye-catching way to get information out to the campus community, for the most effective use of the system, there are a few things to take into account:

  • Do have a summarized message that is succinct and to the point. — Longer messages with a lot of detailed content are better suited for other forms of advertising; the 20-second display time and way in which audiences interact with the screens make the digital display system less than ideal. If only part of the message is read, the reader is forced to wait until the relevant slide returns in the queue (with average queue lengths between 10-15 slides, this means three to five minutes of time) before finally having the information needed. Longer content is better placed on traditional static flyers, for example, where the target audience is free to take in the information at their own pace.

  • Don't include a lot of images in one digital display slide. — Given the layout of the digital display system, messages with a lot of visual elements can become busy and hard to read. Slides following best practices have one or two clear images associated with textual information.

  • Don't use the digital display system to communicate critical information. — Given the rather uncertain level of interaction with the display screens, with individuals not walking past them, not looking at them, or only happening upon them when other slides are displaying, information that is essential for the target audience is more appropriately placed in direct communication channels such as email, phone, class announcement and the like.

  • Don't overuse this method of communication. — Given the potential for expanding the queue beyond its useful parameters, the digital display system has not historically been used for class announcements or calls for enrollment to particular classes or sections.


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