Service Review - Continual Improvement

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  • What is a Service Review?


A Service Review, done by the Service Management Team and led by a Service Manager is a way to look at service quality or economics of the service from inside or outside of IT.  A service review should be done annually or can be more frequent. 

Output is passed to the ITIL Continual Service Improvement which is a 7 Step Improvement Process:

  1. Identify the approach for improvement.
  2. State what will you measure. (cost, service delivery, SLA)
  3. Collect the Data.
  4. Process the data.
  5. Analyze the data and information.
  6. Present and use the information.
  7. Implement corrective or remedial activities.

A Service Review includes:

  • Metrics: Performance, Customer feedback, Useful (still Valid), Cost/SLA
  • Processes: Audit (followed, still useful)
  • Strategy: Road map, Goals
  • Service Team effectiveness: Right topics, Right members (new blood, value add), right time
  • Documentation/Tool Update: RACI update, Websites, IT Request, Keywords, Groups, Incident, Escalation, Service requests

Upon completion of Service Review, the content will be validated in order to determine the accuracy and completion of service review as it relates to the defined process:

  • Standard Service Metrics & Feedback reports for this service

Validate the reports have been viewed

 As a result of the data captured in the standard metric reports identify any and all improvements and or corrections that need to be made in CSI Register. (including intended use of the service itself etc,.)

Validate reports reflect overall time it takes to complete service from customer request until completion (Estimated SLA)

  • Service Process Write-up

Verify process map and or narratives exist

Validate the steps and accuracy of process map and or narratives (define the service in it's current state)

  • Service Definition Template

Verify and validate information on template is accurate and complete, commonly missed items to note are Estimated SLA, related KB Articles etc.)

Validate Back-up Service and Process Owner are correct

  • TeamDynamix Service Content

Validate Service Overview and form, document any improvements and or changes needed in the CSI Register.

Validate KB articles related to the Service are identified & documented on the Service Review Template

Verify the accuracy of the KB articles and enter date reviewed






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