How to Use the ReadAbility Calculator

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  • I am typing a large body of text. How can I make sure my message is readable and accessible to a large audience?


  • Readability offers a free text caculator that gives your text a reading score based on average grade level, reading age, and text difficulty
  • Please click here to access to the Readability website: Readability Calculator
    • Copy and paste your text into the Text Box
    • Answer Yes to the question that ask "Are You a Human?"
    • Click on the blue "Check Text Readabilty" box to get a Readability score
  • A summary of your score will be calculated along with feedback on why your text was given the score


Help make NHCC more inclusive by checking your body of text and making sure it is readable by all members of your audience by using the Readabilty calculator, a 100% free service provided by Readability Formulas. 


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