TeamDynamix 11.2 Release Notes - October 10, 2020

11.2 Release Notes - Oct. 10, 2020

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New & Improved

  • Notify All on Feed Replies
    When a notification is sent to multiple people, they expect that their replies will be sent to all people who were originally notified. Previously, those replies were only sent to people who had commented on that feed entry. Now, TeamDynamix will notify everyone in a feed thread whenever someone comments on or replies to that thread.
    For a detailed explanation of who gets notified when someone replies, click here.
  • Handle Email Replies for Merged Tickets
    When a user replies to a notification from a merged ticket, it will be processed and added to the ticket that it was merged into.
  • Report Delivery for Client Users
    Client users can now be selected for email report delivery. This allows you to send reports to stakeholders who do not have TDNext access without using a license or creating a TDNext user account.
  • Sort Attachments by Date
    Users can now sort attachments by Date or by Name. Attachments on Tickets, Issues, Risks, Project Tasks, and Events are sorted by Date by default.
  • Replacement Articles
    When you mark an article as Archived, you can now choose a Replacement Article. If a user follows a link to the archived article and they cannot see archived articles, they will be automatically redirected to the Replacement Article. If they can see the archived article, a message will display at the top with a link to the replacement article.

Bugs & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an error occurs loading the list of email monitors for a ticketing application.
  • Fixed an issue where links to anchors defined in the same page (such as in KB articles or service definitions) would jump to slightly below the anchor location, due to the page header. 


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