Email for Students Who Attend Multiple Minnesota State Institutions

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  • I am a Hennepin Technical College student who also takes classes at other Minnesota State institutions. What should I know about my email / O365 account?



  • Your MinnState O365 login will be required to access your student email. 
    • Login:
    • Password: StarID Password
  • Your MinnState O365 login will not change between institutions.
  • Your Hennepin Technical College student email address is:
    • Note: There will be a small number of email addresses that will include a number in the email address. If there is more than one person with the same first and last name your email address may contain a number, for example:
  • Students will maintain their individual email addresses for all of their affiliated Minnesota State institutions. 
  • All email will be delivered to one mailbox.
  • Set your primary email address to Hennepin Technical College. This is the email that will show as your 'From' address. Only one of your email addresses can be selected as the primary email address and default institution.
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