Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs

What is MFA? 

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication. MFA is important for protecting your online work at Hennepin Technical College. After you set up MFA, it asks you to verify your identity whenever you log in to your HTC email account, eServices, Office365, or D2L Brightspace.  


Why is MFA important? 

MFA protects you against phishing attacks – when others send you a fake email to gather your personal and confidential information.  


How do I get set up with MFA? 

There are two ways to get set up with or “enrolled” in MFA.  

  1. You may “self-enroll.” This involves adding yourself to MinnState’s MFA program and then setting up your preferred verification option. Self-enrollment is best for anyone who is comfortable with technology.  

  1. HTC Information Technology staff will “enroll” you and help you set up the verification option that is best for you.  


What will happen after I get set up with MFA? 

MFA will prompt you to verify your identity when you log in to an HTC or MinnState website, and when you sign into an HTC device. The prompt will follow your preferred verification option.  

MFA will prompt you sometimes, but not always! 



Want to get started? 

Click here to learn about the three identity verification options. 


Want to know more?  

Click here for instructions to self-enroll. 

Click here to learn more about MFA. 

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