D2L Brightspace: Creating Assignments

Within D2L, within a D2L course, use the Assessment dropdown and select Assignments.

Within the Assignment tool, click on the New Assignment button.

Screen capture showing the blue New Assignment button

The Assignment Name

Upon entering the New Assignment form for assignment creation, type in the name of the assignment.

Assignment Options


After name, an Instructions field is available for the assignment. (Most faculty do not fill in this field but rather refer students to the Syllabus or other course documents dealing with the assignment instructions.)  

Add Attachment

D2L gives three options for attachment:

  • A file from your computer
  • A link
  • An existing activity (something that already exists in the D2L course)

Assignment / Submission types

An assignment can be for individual students or groups of students. If a group assignment is determined, Groups will have to be set up in the Groups tool. [See Creating Groups in D2L Brightspace] 

D2L gives four options for submission types.

Once a submission folder is saved, the choice of assignment type and submission type are locked. If it is determined later that an type needs to be changed, the submission folder will have to be recreated. 

  • File Submission - This is the historic submission folder type, requiring students to upload a file to the Assignment. Works with TurnItIn. 
  • Text Submission - Students only submit text. Students use the text editor to deliver an assignment. Does not work well with TurnItIn. (TurnItIn analyzes the HTML code.)  
  • On Paper Submission - If a paper is physically turned in, create this Assignment. 
  • Observed In Person Submissions - If a presentation is observed in class, this submission type works. 

File Submission

File Submission will allow for options of number of submissions, how to deal with multiple files, and an option for a Notification Email field.  

If faculty change the default on Files Allowed or Submission, communicate this to the students.

For the email Notification, place an email address in the field and every time a student submits to the folder D2L will send an email of confirmation to that email address. 

A use case for this may be: After the Assignment is past due, faculty can place their email address in the Notification line and anytime a student submits a late paper you will be notified. 

Base on the last two submissions types (On Paper or Observed in Person) additional options will be given: Marked as Completed. This is locked in stone on save. 

  • Manually by Learners - This is default and will require the students to log in to mark paper as submitted. (This is not a recommended option. This is the D2L default, however.) 
  • Automatic on Assessment - When faculty grade the student, the assignment will be marked as completed. 
  • Automatic on Due date - The assignment is marked complete on due date. (It is due date (as it says), not end date.) 

Be aware, D2L can indicate the due date on the Assignments tool homepage, but D2L is displaying the End date and Due date using the same field labeled Due date.

Category / Organization (Optional) 

For organizational purposes only.  

The More Actions dropdown menu (next to New Assignment) allows for reordering assignments and categories, select Reorder from the More actions Dropdown menu. Then, simply change the order of the desired categories or assignments. 

Evaluation and Feedback

Score Out Of 

Point value of the assignment.  

Grade Item 

One can either select a pre-existing grade item from the dropdown menu or click to create a New Grade Item on the fly.  

Add Rubic

Attach a D2L Rubric to the Assignment by clicking on the Add Rubric button and then selecting a previously created rubric or click on Create Rubric in New Window to create a new rubric. 

Anonymous Marking

To avoid unconscious bias in the grading and feedback process, instructors can configure assignments to use anonymous learner names. When the feature is turned on, instructors only see an anonymized learner name on the assignment.  

If Turnitin is used in an assignment folder, Anonymous marking will not work.  

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