MFA: Microsoft Authenticator App for iPhone

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Instructions: Install Microsoft Authenticator app on iPhone for MFA

  • Please Note: Should you encounter “Allow my organization to manage my device” it is recommended Not to select this option.


  • Note: Illustrations and instructions may vary slightly.
  • Step 1) From your iPhone open the App Store.

  • Step 2)
    • A.) Perform a search for Microsoft Authenticator.
    • B.) Select Get. Sign in to the App Store with your fingerprint or Apple ID password.
    • C.) Select Open (enter your App Store login if prompted).

  • Step 3) If the screen displayed below appears, select SKIP in response to Add Personal Account or Add Non-Microsoft Account.

  • Step 4) Select Work or school account.

  • Step 5) A Pop up will appear asking, Allow Authenticator to take pictures and record video? Tap Allow. Your camera phone will turn on and is ready to scan or manually enter a QR code. Set your phone down.
  • Step 6) On any computer with Internet access, use your favorite browser to navigate to Press Step 1: Setup MFA Verification Options button.


  • Log in using your MinnState login credentials:

        StarID password

  • Step 7) Once logged in, you will receive the prompt More information required. Click Next.

  • Step 8) Refer to Figure 1 below
    • Select Mobile app and select Country
    • Under, How do you want to use the mobile app?, make your selection:
      • Receive notifications for verification (recommended - one-tap approval)
      • User verification code (this option continually generates a verification code sent to your phone which you will need to accurately enter for verification).
      • Note, before clicking the Set up button, the next screen will display a QR code; this QR code is time-sensitive, so be ready to scan the QR code with your phone.
    • Click Setup

Step 9) Using your phone, scan the QR code displayed on your computer.


  • Step 10) On your phone, select Go to Settings and ensure Allow Notifications is set to allow.

  • Step 11) From your computer, in the Additional security information window, select Next.
    • If you have a secondary phone number you would like to add, enter the phone number and select Done.
  • Step 12) Click and select Step 2:  Enable MFA for <your name> button.
    • Within 10 minutes, you will be prompted to sign in to O365 on any computer that is running any MinnState provided O365 service (e.g., Outlook, Word, OneDrive). If you are not connected to O365 at the time, you will receive the verification prompt the next time you try to connect. Enter your MinnState credentials. You will then be prompted to confirm MFA verification to complete sign in.

  • You have completed setup for O365 MFA enrollment!


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