Cisco Jabber: Turn off Video for Jabber to Jabber Calls.

Article Type: How-To

Problem: Jabber to Jabber calls are connecting as video calls.

  • When making/receiving a Jabber to Jabber call, the web cam turns on by default.
  • Many users might want outbound/incoming calls to be connected with audio only.
  • Users might not realize that their video is enabled during Jabber to Jabber calls.

Resolution: Turn off video calling in the Jabber settings.

  1. Click the Settings icon and open the "Settings" menu.
  1. Click "Calls".
  2. Click "Never start calls with video".
  3. Click "Apply".
  • Note: By default, video is turned on for Jabber to Jabber calling.  This setting will have to be changed for each user where video calling is not the desired default setting.


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