Outlook 365: Recall an Email

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Question: Can I recall an email I have sent?

  • I would like to "un-send" an email that I recently sent. 

Answer: Yes.  You can recall the message but the process is not fool-proof.

  • Under certain circumstances, there are steps you can take to recall an email.

The following method will work under these circumstances.

  • The recipient of the email must be inside the Microsoft Exchange email system
    • Example: You can recall an email to a co-worker, but not someone who has a Gmail, Yahoo, or other business email address.
  • The email must not have been read already by the recipient.
    • Outlook will instead politely ask the recipient to delete the message.
  • The recipient has not disabled the feature.
    • If the feature is disabled, Outlook will ignore incoming recall requests.

Recall an Outlook Email Message

  1. Go to ‘Sent Items’
  2. Double click on the email you want to recall.
  3. The email will open in a separate window
  4. Click ‘Actions’
  5. Select ‘Recall this Message’
  • Note: Recall functionality cannot replace your ability to proofread your emails.
    • Check for spelling, grammar, and other errors.
    • Ensure that you have included the correct recipients.
    • Ensure that the data you are sending is not private (student records).
    • Ensure that the message you are sending is safe for others to open.  For example, do not forward emails that contain attachments or links from unknown senders.


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