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Question: What are Intelligent Agents in D2L?

  • How can Intelligent Agents increase communication with students before my class starts?

Answer: Intelligent Agents are “Electronic Reminders” that notify students of course activity.

D2L Intelligent Agents is a communication tool that allows you to send automated and personalized reminders to students based on various course activity such as grades received, not accessing a course the first week of class, completing all checklist items, no submissions to Assignment folders, and much more!  Agents can be based on multiple conditions and be set to run manually or on a schedule where you can reach students outside of the classroom.  Agents are appropriate for all course delivery methods.

Many benefits come with Intelligent Agents such as reaching all students, alerting struggling students early in the course and providing additional resources, welcoming all students to the course, acknowledging student achievement, emphasizing important course dates, and personalizing emails sent to students.

  • Access the Intelligent Agents tool under Course Admin.
  • You can edit any part of an agent after saving it.
  • You can make a copy of an agent.
  • You can restore deleted agents.
  • You can “copy” agents from course to course.  Agent settings will not be copied.
  • You can “export” agents from a course to “import” into another.  Agent settings will not be exported.
  • Agent settings apply only to the current course.
  • Agents set on a schedule have a run time of 5:00 AM Central Time each day.
  • More information about Intelligent Agents can be found in the articles below:


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