Kaltura MediaSpace: Editing 3rd Party Captions

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Question: If I upload a captions file to my video in Kaltura MediaSpace and the captions file was created by a 3rd party vendor (e.g. Automatic Sync Technologies or REV), can I edit the file in MediaSpace?

Answer: You can now edit 3rd party vendor caption files in MediaSpace!  It is easy and user-friendly.

  1. Log in to Kaltura MediaSpace.
  2. Locate the video with the captions you want to edit.
  3. To the right of the video, click the pencil icon.
  1. Below the video, click the Captions tab.
  2. Click the Edit Captions button.
  1. You will see your captions divided into segments.  Click inside the text boxes to edit your captions.  When done making edits, click Save.


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