D2L: How Are Student Quiz Responses Saved?

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Question: As students take quizzes in D2L, how are their responses being saved?

Answer: Quiz question responses are saved automatically.

  • Save and Save All buttons no longer appear to students.  Only a blue Submit Quiz button exists.
  • Left panel indicator/navigation is still available.  When a response has been saved, a checkmark appears under the question number.
  • Different question types are saved at different intervals.
    • Click responses such as True/False, Multiple Choice, Matching, etc., are saved upon each click. 
    • Written Response (WR) questions are saved at about 15-second intervals.  If the HTML editor is available for WR questions, the user must click outside the editor to save the response.

WATCH a video:  Minnesota State created a video that shows how a user responds to various question types and how responses are saved (5 min. 36 sec.).

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