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Question: What is the D2L Checklist tool?

  • What are the benefits of using the D2L Checklist?

Answer: The Checklist tool allows you to create lists of items that must be completed for an assignment.

Benefits of Using the Checklist tool

  • Organization:  Checklists help keep students on task and on time.
  • Motivation:  Students mark items on the Checklist that they completed.
  • Productive:  Students see items on the Checklist that remain undone--less likely students will forget to complete a task.
  • Creative:  Checklists allow instructors to break big tasks into smaller pieces (e.g. weekly checklists, checklist for a project).
  • Confidence:  Checklists ensure students are taking all necessary steps to complete the assignment correctly.
  • Success:  Checklists help instructors not forget a step related to an assignment.
  • Progress:  In Assessments > Class Progress, instructors can monitor which Checklist items are completed and not completed for a student.

Student View

  • Students see the number of items completed before opening the Checklist. ​
  • Due date/time and completion date/time are listed next to each Checklist item.  Instructors can link to online videos, Assignment folders, and other tools within Checklist items.



In your course, "Checklist" is found under the Materials menu.  The Checklist tool allows you to create lists that emphasize requirements such as viewing a video, reading an article, and other items that must be completed for an assignment. Checklists consist of categories and items.  You can also use "Release Conditions" to publish Checklists based on a condition that is met within the course.

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