Kaltura MediaSpace - How to Access the Kaltura Capture Whiteboard Feature

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Question: Does Kaltura Capture have a whiteboard feature?

  • I would like the ability to use a whiteboard in my Kaltura Capture recordings.

Answer: Yes.  Kaltura capture is equipped with this feature.

  • You can use the Whiteboard feature to annotate your videos.
  • The contents of your whiteboard can be saved for viewing at a later date.

  1. Open the Kaltura Capture application.
  2. Start the recording.
  1. Ensure that the screen capture function is enabled.
  1. Click the pencil icon
  1. Click the Whiteboard icon from the tools pane.
  1. Save the whiteboard image by first clicking the "Save" arrow.
  1. Name the whiteboard image and click "Save".
  1. Whiteboard images are saved as ".png" image files.
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