D2L: Embed MediaSpace Content with the My Media Option

Question: In D2L, why can’t I see ‘My Media’ as an option when I embed or link to media in my Kaltura MediaSpace account?

  • The My Media button is missing.  Where did it go?

Answer: In your D2L course, wherever you see the HTML editor, click the Insert Stuff button.  You should see My Media.

  • My Media is a sub-function of HTML editor.


You can also create a Content Topic link to your media in Mediaspace.

  1. Click Materials.
  2. Click Content.
  3. Click Existing Activities.
  4. Click My Media
  5. Click Select to the right of your media.

Do you see My Media?

If you do not see My Media, click Course Admin > Tools.  Make sure External Learning Tools and Remote Plugins are enabled/turned on.


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