MediaSpace: Share Videos with Custom Start and End Times

Question: Can I specify a video start point in shared MediaSpace videos?

  • If I record a 30-minute video in Kaltura Mediaspace, can I specify a segment of the video for my learners to watch in D2L? 
  • For example, when my learners click play, I want the video to play starting from the 10-minute marker and ending at the 25-minute marker.  Can I also specify a segment of video whether I use the share link or embed code in Mediaspace?

Answer: You can specify the start and end time for the video in both the share link and embed code methods.


  1. Log in to your Mediaspace account.
  2. Click on your video image.
  3. Click the Share tab.
  4. Click the empty box to the left of Start At and End At.  Type in the start and end time for the segment of the video that you want learners to watch.  The image below shows the Start and End times for the Share link method.  If you click on the Embed tab, you can also specify the Start and End times.


If you link to YouTube videos in D2L, you can set videos to start playing at a specific time.

  1. Open the YouTube video.  Navigate to the time in the video you want learners to start watching.
  2. Right-click on the video.
  3. Select Copy Video URL at Current Time.
  4. Paste the link in your course.

If you embed YouTube videos in D2L, you can set start and end times for a segment of the video to play for learners.

When you copy and paste the embed code from YouTube to your course, add the ‘?start=&end=’ code to the end of the video link.  Fill in the start and end times.  The start and end times are in seconds.  In the example below, the video will start 120 seconds in (2:00 minute marker) and end 150 seconds in (2:30 minute marker).  The video segment is 30 seconds.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src=""></iframe>

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