Outlook Mail Rule: Manage Email from another Institution


  • How do I set up a rule to help manage emails sent from contacts from another Minnesota State institution's address book?


  • You can set up an email rule to move emails received from senders from a specific institution to a folder you specify.
  • There are multiple ways to set up conditions for rules to manage email.

Outlook Web Instructions

The following instructions show how to set up a rule to move emails received from senders of an institution's address book to a folder you specify.


  • Step 1) From Outlook Online create a new folder. This folder will be the folder you will set up a rule to move email into.
    • Right-click on a folder in Outlook folder directory, select Create new folder or Create new subfolder and type a folder name.
    • You can drag the folder to a preferred location within the Outlook folder directory.
  • Step 2) From Outlook Online select 'Settings' ⚙️ (Gear button at the top right corner).
    • Type rules in the search box > Select Inbox rules.

  • Step 3) Select Add new rule

  • Step 4) Type in a name for this rule.
    • Add condition Sender address includes from the drop-down menu. In the text box enter, for example, @minnstate.edu
    • Add action Move to
    • In the search field type in the folder name that you created in step 1 and select Save.


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