PowerBI (PBI) Frequently Asked Questions

Article: PowerBI (PBI) Frequently Asked Questions


Why is EPM11 being retired?

EPM 11 is no longer supported by the vendor.


Are we going to have access to EPM11 after March 15?

We have been told no.


What should I do before September?

Make sure that you have access to PowerBI, try to search, view, create reports.


Where can I find information on how to access and use PowerBI to pull reports?

Please see attached is a document with the information.


What is my login information to PowerBI?

You would use same login credentials as you would to access Office 365.



Will my permissions be transferred over from EPM 11 to PowerBI?

No, you will need to request access to the reports using the Security Admin app.


How do I request access to PowerBI Reports?

You will need to request access to the reports using the Security Admin app, like you would request access to ISRS. Operational Database Report is not needed anymore.  

Instructions can be found here.


Will all my current reports and queries be transferred over?

No, only enterprise reports will be transferred over (list available here) . Please make sure to take screen shots of all your queries that you have created, because after September there will be no access to EPM11.


What if I do not see PowerBI under Apps in Office 365?

Please click here to report.


When I am off campus, do I need to be remoted in to ar-slate or Remote Desktop?

Currently no.


Do we need to install software on our stations?

No. Versions of PowerBI that we are using are Cloud based.


Will I be able to view reports with PowerBI Free version?

Yes, you will be able to consume all enterprise reports.


When do I need to request PowerBI Pro version and/or PowerConsumer?

You need PowerBI Pro version if you are sharing and publishing reports for others to see and use. PowerConsumer access is needed if you need to export reports.


Do we have currently available license of PowerBI Pro version?



Where can I find more information about PowerBI project?

IT Connect

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