Mediaspace: Ordering machine captions

Ordering Machine Captions within Mediaspace

Login to Kaltura MediaSpace ( (using the standard StarID/password combination to gain access).

  1. Upload the video (see "Link to your MediaSpace video (including cloud-saved Zoom meetings) in D2L" for help with this step), or if the video is already uploaded, click on the video.
  2. From the "Actions" dropdown menu, select "Caption & Enrich".

Screenshot showing the Actions dropdown in MediaSpace. This highlights the publish button which is essential to the following steps. It also illustrates that one should not use the Order Captions or Captions Requests from this Actions dropdown menu.

The Order Captions request will allow you to order machine captions.

  1. Choose your preferred language.  Leave the other settings at their default value.

Screenshot showing Published being selected and then a check box highlighted next to the Order Captions Channel.

  1. Click "Submit"

You will receive a notice stating that your caption request has been received.

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