How to print a document stored in D2L

To print a document in D2L, you must open it in the appropriate document reader and then print. In most cases you first need to download the document, open it in a reader, and then print. Chromebook users: Download the document to OneDrive. Attempting to print using the browser’s print feature often does NOT work. Instead, it prints the web page displaying the document. That may work for a single page document, but not for a multi-page one.

  1. From the document’s page in D2L, click the down symbol to the right of the document title.

  1. Select Download
  2. Typically, he downloaded document will appear as a file button on the bottom of the browser. You need to open that file either by clicking the button or by selecting the caret symbol on the bottom and selecting Open.

  1. Usually, an appropriate document reader will launch and display the document. The specific steps for printing will depend on the document reader. Instructions for some common file types are given below.



Often this will open in the web browser. To print, click the printer icon and then the Print button on the dialog window that opens.



Print a document in Word - Word (


Power Point

Print your PowerPoint slides, handouts, or notes - Office Support (

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