Employee Email and Login Information

Access Email

  • Step 1) Activate your StarID
  • Step 2) Check your email on the web. Using a web browser go to office.com and log in using your MinnState credentials:
    • MinnState O365 Student Login:
    • Username: StarID@minnstate.edu
    • Password: StarID password
  • Step 3) Consider setting up your email on your mobile device:

Employee Email Information

  • Your ARCC or ATC employee email address is: first.last@anokaramsey.edu or @anokatech.edu
  • Email addresses with a number included in the email address.
    • There are a small number of email addresses that will include a number in the email address. If there is more than one person with the same first and last name your email address may contain a number, for example: first.last.#@anokaramsey.edu

Additional Login Information:

  • Use StarID login for university computers, eServices and D2L brightspace:
    • Username: StarID (Do not use StarId@minnstate.edu for Username.) 
    • Password: StarID password


This article is used to inform users of how to log/sign into their college email account.  

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