Email Setup: Outlook Desktop Client for Windows Personally Owned Devices

Install Outlook on your device:

  • Step 1) Go to
  • Step 2) Click  in the upper right corner
  • Step 3) Enter your login email address and StarID password
    • Employees:
    • Students:
  • Step 4) Install Office and follow the prompts

Logging into Outlook:

  • Step 1) Open Outlook App.
  • Step 2) Enter your login email address
    • Employees:
    • Students:
      • Example below is for a student

  • Step 3) Enter your password
  • Step 4) Enter an authentication code if you have one.
  • Step 5) Add another mailbox (Optional)
  • Step 6) Press Done


  • It may take some time to update all your Outlook folders. You can view the status located at the bottom right of the Outlook window.


This article is used to inform users of how to setup Outlook desktop client college email on personally owned device.  

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