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Dismissing vs Deleting

Dismissing Announcements

When you enter D2L you are greeted with the Announcement area and can see often times several announcements. You also have the ability to click an ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the announcement to dismiss the announcement. It does not delete the announcement, it dismisses the announcement for you. Your colleagues and your students can still see that announcement when they log in. If you were to click on the word Announcements on the D2L homepage, you would see all the announcements pertaining to you, including any announcements that you dismissed.

Everything I just mentioned about the homepage in D2L pertains to the homepage in your course. If you click on the ‘X’ to dismiss announcements in your course, all your students can still see those announcements, they are not deleted.

Restoring Dismissed Announcements

If you accidentally dismissed an announcement that you wish to bring back to the main announcements, click into the announcements tool (by click on Announcements). Use the dropdown menu next to the dismissed announcement and select Restore.

Deleting Announcements

If you click on Announcements on your homepage, you will be taken to the announcements tool where you can select announcements, using the check box to the left of the announcement you can select which announcements to delete. When the selection is made, simply click on the delete button. Click OK to confirm.

Restoring Deleted Announcements

Within the Announcements tool, click on More Actions and then select Restore from the dropdown menu. Select the Announcement(s) you wish to restore by checking the box to the left of the Announcement, then click Restore.

Changing Dates

If you just need to change dates for the announcements. Consider using Manage Dates to change your dates as necessary.

You can change dates on individual announcements by using the dropdown menu next to the announcement headline (title) and select Edit. From the edit screen you can modify the Start Date and End Date to your liking.



This article is used to inform users of how to work with D2L Announcements.  

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