StarID & TechID

General Information

What is StarID?

  • StarID is a unique username that replaces many login ID’s with one login ID and one password, everywhere. Once activated, you can use your StarID anywhere that accepts StarID.
    • StarID will be used to access most college resources including D2L, eServices, Library Services, etc.
  • You Only need one StarID which you will use at any Minnesota State Institution.
  • The StarID is a combination of letters and numbers.
    • Ex: ab1234cd

What is a TechID?

  • TechId is also known as your student or college ID.
  • TechID is an 8 digit number assigned to each student and is unique to each Minnesota State Institution.

Where do I use TechID?

  • TechID is used as for student verification in the bookstore, library, and for student records.
  • TechID can also be used for StarID password resets

How To Resources:

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This article explains what your StarID/TechID is used for, and how to manage it. 

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