Adobe Acrobat Pro for Staff & Faculty on College Owned Devices

How To


  • How can get Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on my work device?​​​​​​


  • Adobe Creative Cloud is available for your work device in Software Center
  • Software Center can be reached when your device is connected on campus
  • Off campus, you must be connected to VPN to access Software Center
  • If you do not have VPN please request through the Service Desk Portal
  • IMPORTANT: All older version of Acrobat Pro or Creative Cloud must first be uninstalled from your computer.
  • IMPORTANT: Log out of all Microsoft Products (including Skype, Teams, and Outlook)
  • Please contact the Service Desk Portal to assist you with this uninstall.
  • To start your Adobe Acrobat Pro installation, please log into Adobe Creative Cloud at
    • Sign in using your or email
    • If asked to choose a personal account or Company and School account, please choose Company and School account
    • The next page brings you to our school authentication log in. Please log in with the below credentials
      • User name: StarID
      • Password: StarID password
    • Now you can closeout of the browser page
  •  In your task bar search for Software Center.
  • Click on Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 and click on install


  • Detailed instructions for all products are available under Attachments 
  • You must always stay signed in to for your Acrobat Pro do work.


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