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Email for Employees Who are also Students

I am an employee who also takes classes at Anoka Ramsey or Anoka Tech. What do I need to know about my email?

Microsoft Office 365 for Personal Use

Students, Faculty, and Staff can download Microsoft Office for free on personal devices

Microsoft OneDrive

How to access your OneDrive associated with your college O365/Email account.

O365: Change Primary Email Address

How to change your O365 account's default email address

Outlook: Change Default Address Book

How do I set the default address book to ARCC or ATC?

Change Outlook Contacts Name Display Order for Personal Contacts

Change the display name order of contacts on Outlook desktop client and Outlook Web.

Create Outlook Email Signature (Windows and on the Web)

View instructions on how to create your Email Signature for Outlook (On the Web and Windows).

Email Setup: MacOS Outlook Desktop Client

View step by step instructions on how to configure the Outlook Desktop Client on your Macintosh computer.

Email Setup: Outlook Application on Android Devices

Set up Email account on Outlook application (Outlook download) installed on Android devices.

Email Setup: Outlook Mobile Application - Preferred Mobile Email Client

For the best user experience, Microsoft Outlook mobile application is recommended for accessing your university email account.

Email: Outlook Focused Inbox Feature

Focused Inbox option in Outlook or Outlook 365

How to create a email "Contact List or Contact Group"

How to make a list of email address that a single user can send messages to.

Outlook Mail Rule: Manage Email from another Institution

View an example and steps to set up an email rule to help manage email sent from contacts from another institution.

Report Phishing Email and Classify Junk / Non-Junk Email

View how to report phishing email from Outlook, as well as report and classify phishing, junk and not junk email

MFA: Microsoft Authenticator App for Android

View Android instructions to install the Microsoft Authenticator app for O365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

MFA: Microsoft Authenticator App for iPhone

View iPhone instructions to install the Microsoft Authenticator app for O365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).