D2L Brightspace: View your quiz submission results

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View quiz results

Important: Your quiz score and statistical information are not available until they are released by your instructor.

  1. On the Quiz List page, click the Submissions from the drop-down menu of the quiz you want to view.
    The Submissions option from a quiz's drop-down menu on the Quiz List page
  2. On the Quiz Submissions page, view your quiz score under the Score column.
    Note: If you don't see your quiz score or you see a zero for your score (e.g. 0 / 20), please contact your instructor to ask about your ‘unpublished’ quiz attempt.
  3. Click on the Attempt link to view your quiz attempt.
    The Attempts listed on the Quiz Submissions page
  4. On the Attempt page, you may see your quiz score and/or the quiz questions.  Depending on the settings your instructor set-up, you may see incorrect responses, correct responses, or all your responses to the questions.  If you have questions about the quiz score, please contact your instructor.
    Viewing a quiz attempt from the Quiz submissions page


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