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  • I received an email asking for my approval. How do I approve a request in the TeamDynamix Client Portal?


  1. Go to the Client Portal and click on the upper right hand corner where it says Sign In.

  2. Log in with your StarID and password.

  3. Click on Services.

  4. Click on My Approvals. 
    Image of navigation bar

  5. To view information about the request click on the item title (this example shows Card Access Request, but titles are named to reflect the nature of the service request).
    Image of approvals listed

  6. To view the buttons to approve or reject the request, click on the step title (this example shows Work Complete, but steps are named to reflect the nature of the approval).
    Image of the step

  7. If you approve the request, click Approve Service Request, if you do not approve the request, click Reject Service Request.
    Image of approve and reject buttons

  8. You can include a comment if you'd like.

  9. Click Save. 
    Image of approval comment text box and save button


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