Email: Importing Student to Employee .PST Files

How To


  • I was previously a student, but am now an employee. I still want to be able to access the emails I received and sent as a student. 


  1. Confirm the .pst file on your H: drive

  2. Open Outlook Desktop Client on a campus computer

  3. Click File

  4. Click the Options menu

  5. Click the Advanced menu

  6. Click the Export button

  7. Select Import from another program or file (should already be selected)

  8. Click the Next button

  9. Click Outlook Data File .pst

  10. Click Next

  11. Under Import Outlook Data File, click the Browse button

  12. Select the .pst file from your H: drive

  13. Click the Open button

  14. Click the Next button

  15. Click the Finish button

  16. When the pop up window appears that says some files cannot be copied, click OK

  17. Click OK to close the Option window

  18. Your student email should populate and additional folders will appear in your employee email folders pane. When completed, a message indicating all folders are up to date or online will display in Outlook client. 


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